Gillian Halper

Gillian Halper founded Mindful Beads as a way to expand her dreams, keep herself accountable, and feel a new sense of purpose. Gillian decided to name her company Mindful Beads to encapsulate her desire to exist in the present moment. The act of putting beads on wire somehow has the power of quieting the ruminating thoughts that often reside in her head; thoughts that made her believe that I was worthless and unproductive. Both my mindfulness and beading practices have provided Gillian a sense of self-direction. The goal is for Mindful Beads to act as a gentle reminder to exist in the present moment. Gillian wants you to use your beads as a tool: fiddle with them, count them, meditate with them…whatever keeps you grounded. Use your beads for self-expression: match them with your mood, outfit, or the energy you wish to seek. Gillian is donating 30% of her proceeds from the day to To Write Love On Her Arms.

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