#HatsOffToTheGrad: Isa Zweiback

What are you doing after graduation: I am currently pursuing my masters in art history through a Tulane 4+1 program. I started the program this past semester and will be writing my thesis over the summer and through the fall of 2022. I am moving to NYC in the middle of the program as I have completed all of my coursework. My thesis centers around Jewish visibility in 20th centry art, specifically honing in on how WWII effected visual expression of Judaism in the later years of the century. I hope to do some part time work while I finish my degree and then plan to start a full time job in early 2023.

What Jewish values or leadership skills did you learn at Hillel that you’ll take with you into your career or life beyond campus: At Hillel I have had the opportunity to plan and coordinate many events, mostly centered around the arts. I have had the opportunity to work with the amazing Julia Mattis, and my good friend Rachel Bondy to plan four art markets called “Shop for Good” which basically provided student entrepreneurs with the space to sell their art, all the while donating proceeds to charity. I think that my work with Hillel has helped me to I think I gained a lot of responsibilities in terms of making connections between secular things that I have an appreciation for and learning to relate them back to my Jewish values.

How did Hillel influence your college experience and how will it influence your life after Tulane: Hillel was my primary space for community engagement throughout college. All four years I have been extremely involved with TJL and planning various events. I have loved having the space to meet new people and connect with those who have similar creative and religious values. It has been such a pleasure to have Hillel as the backbone of my time at Tulane. I am going to miss seeing everyone’s smiley faces when I am no longer here.

Favorite thing about Tulane Hillel or your favorite Tulane Hillel memory: The building is just such a great space to do work and talk to friends. I love the buzzing environment and really view Hillel as a safe and welcoming refuge on campus. Also, Rimon!

What you’ll miss about New Orleans the most: I’m going to miss quality time with my friends, all of the amazing food and activities, working at Pilot and Powell on Magazine Street, and of course my amazing professors! But I am grateful to know that these spaces will all be here whenever I return!

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