#HatsOffToTheGrads: Hannah Snyder

What are you doing after graduation: Working as the Program Associate at Berkeley Hillel 

What Jewish values or leadership skills did you learn at Hillel that you’ll take with you into your career or life beyond campus: I learned the value of establishing an inclusive, warm, and supportive community, to take the jump trying something new, whether in events or reaching out to people you don’t know well, and how to weave social justice work into programs.

How did Hillel influence your college experience and how will it influence your life after Tulane: Hillel really became a second home and community for me; it fostered some of my closest friendships and provided such an amazing space for personal growth. It helped to grow my passion for Jewish education and taught me so many important values about leadership, relationships, and my Jewish identity that I will take with me into the future. Tulane Hillel also really solidified my enthusiasm for working in a Jewish environment post-graduation!

Favorite thing about Tulane Hillel or your favorite Tulane Hillel memory: I love the welcoming and passionate community and environment that lends itself to such creative events. One of my favorite memories was kayaking down Bayou St. John before a beautiful sunset dinner and Shabbat services by the water. It was so peaceful and a wonderful way to relax with friends in nature.

What you’ll miss about New Orleans the most: The amazing culture and unique experiences! Everything from the best po boys, Mardi Gras Indians, sunlight hitting the oaks in Audubon, front porch concerts, and the friendly bookstore cats.

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