Hillel Global Giving Week: #HillelInspires Julia

Julia Barron, Class of 2021
Spanish Bachelor of Arts
Minors in Teaching, Learning, and Training and Latin American Studies
Julia is currently the Springboard Innovation Fellow for Hillel Council of New England, Director of Jewish Life at Simmons University, Lesley Hillel Advisor in Boston, MA.

Hillel taught me to be confident in my own Jewish identity and that my own Judaism was important and mattered to the people around me. Growing up in a mixed-faith household, I was on a journey to discover my Jewish identity and what values were important to me when I started Tulane as a freshman. Through programming with Tulane Jewish Leaders and my Birthright Israel trip with Tulane Hillel, I was able to discover that there is no “right” way to connect with Judaism and that Jewish students hold a diverse set of values that are evolving and changing as they mature.

Hillel inspired my college experience by being the absolute center of everything that I accomplished at Tulane. It gave me a platform to be creative, collaborative, and to become a change-maker. I was able to discover that my voice mattered and my ideas were all valuable, no matter how outlandish or silly they might seem. I was also able to discover that I am a leader and that my leadership skills are able to adapt to any situation I find myself in.

I get to see the impact I made while on campus and in New Orleans every day. Even still, initiatives that I started are still being implemented this year, which always brings a bright smile to my face. It’s amazing to see the younger students I worked with while in TJL who are now spearheading their own committees and becoming stronger, more confident leaders.

Tulane Hillel holds an extremely special place in my heart and I can confidently say that I miss the people the most. The food, programs, and building obviously make the list but without the amazing staff and the relationships that I built, that building would not have truly felt like a home to me for four years and one I hope to visit quite soon.

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