Helen is a junior at Tulane double majoring in Marketing and Management with a minor in Philosophy. Helen is open-minded and committed to personal growth as a leader. She seeks to engage with people who have varying interests and personalities to build skills of adaptability to change, creative problem-solving, and relationship-building through core values of communication, independence, and empathy. Helen splits her time between New Orleans, Nashville, and San Francisco (her hometown) and recently returned from a semester abroad in Vienna, Austria. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and experiencing new cultures, journaling, doing yoga, and being with nature.

Helen was selected for Hillel’s 2022 Tulane Israel Leadership Trip (TILT) and is now on the recruitment team for TILT 2023. She is also the current VP of Administration and former Executive Assistant of Kappa Alpha Theta, brother of Alpha Phi Omega, Social Media Director for Rimon, and Goldman student notetaker.