Shabbat Dinner with President Fitts – The View from Gibson

October 19, 2018

Dear Tulane Community:


Tonight, I have the special privilege of hosting a Shabbat Dinner for first-year students who are considering leadership roles at Tulane Hillel. This gathering takes place the same week we announced a generous gift from the Gayle and Tom Benson Charitable Foundation that will fund completion of the chapel in the Fr. Val McInnes, OP, Center for Catholic Life.

This event and gift are a reminder of the important role that all of our religious centers and organizations – Muslim, Protestant, Jewish, Catholic and more – play at Tulane. These faith communities add to the richness of the Tulane experience by offering students, faculty and staff the opportunity to pursue spirituality and service, while finding deep connections with others.

Religious life is another way in which universities serve a unique role in our society. Academic communities that welcome and encourage diverse religious voices can provide a pathway to greater understanding, respect and unity for all.

That is why I am always happy to support our religious traditions on campus. Not to mention the fact that – from crawfish boils and barbecues to Shabbat dinners – the Tulane faithful share that inimitable New Orleans custom of nourishing both the body and the soul.

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