Jewish Learning Fellowship

Education Inspires further learning. Join us for engaging seminars and discussions.

JLF is a 10-week conversational seminar, enabling students to develop:

  • A strong Jewish social network and connection to a greater community
  • A Jewish mentor to help them address life’s big questions
  • Exposure and enjoyment of Jewish study that speaks to the essential questions of their lives

JLF is open to all Jewish students looking to deepen their social network on campus and explore their understanding of Judaism, on their own terms. Participating students, who meet the requirements, receive a stipend upon completion of the course.

Tulane Hillel will be administering the following JLF programs in the 2023-2024 academic year:

  • Life’s Big Questions: This engaging curriculum provides an ideal introduction to exploring Jewish texts and concepts during students’ transition into emerging adulthood.
  • Pursuing Justice: This course challenges systems and invites students to think about the ways in which they might be able to be shifters, changemakers, and exercise power within their intimate and broader communities.

Jewish Leadership Course

This year, Tulane Hillel is proud to collaborate with Dr. Ilana Horowitz’s Jewish Leadership class, revolutionizing the way we engage with service learning and reflection. Together, we are creating a transformative experience that combines academic exploration, real-world application, and personal growth. Under the guidance of our dedicated Social Justice Fellow, students delve into service projects that make a tangible impact in our community. While volunteering at local organizations, students actively contribute to social justice causes while gaining invaluable insights into the power of service.
But it doesn’t stop there. Our Assistant Director takes the learning journey further by offering specialized classes on life in the Jewish nonprofit world. Through interactive discussions and practical exercises, students gain a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities present in this impactful sector. The collaboration between Tulane Hillel and Dr. Ilana Horowitz’s Jewish Leadership class creates an enriching environment where students cultivate leadership skills, explore their passions, and connect deeply with Jewish values and traditions. Through reflective dialogues, mentorship, and hands-on experiences, students gain the tools to become effective leaders, change-makers, and advocates for a better world.

Tulane Jewish Leaders Skills Sessions

Members of Tulane Jewish Leaders benefit from a wide range of skill sessions designed to enhance their personal and professional growth. From resume-building workshops to financial literacy classes, these sessions empower individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed in various aspects of life.
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Shabbat Hosting Lab (SHL)

SHL is a 10-week Fellowship rooted in purposeful gathering and intentional curation of ritual, giving students:

  • Confidence and knowledge surrounding Shabbat rituals
  • Training and resources to host Shabbat experiences with intention, creativity, and informed by Jewish wisdom and tradition
  • The skills needed to become curators – rather than passive participants – of Jewish life

Participating students, who meet the requirements, receive a stipend upon completion of the course. SHL is open to students who are eager to take the next step in their journeys as producers of Jewish experiences for themselves and their peers, regardless of prior Shabbat practice or knowledge.