Julia is a community-builder, creative storyteller, and designer with a passion for fostering connection between people to make communities stronger. As the Director of Special Projects at Tulane Hillel, Julia develops and produces The Portrait Identity Project at Tulane and Hillels nationally. The project uses portraiture photography and interviews to share stories that diversify the lens through which Jewish narratives are told, stimulate reflection on intersectional identities and drive inclusive community-building.

Prior to her current role, Julia served as the Director of Innovation and Student Engagement and as a Springboard Innovation Fellow at Tulane Hillel, connecting people and creating inclusive, action-oriented leadership opportunities by coaching students to develop and produce initiatives that actively shape their communities.

She graduated in May 2019, from The Ohio State University with Distinction and Honors in the Arts and a B.F.A in Photography. Julia is based in NYC, and holds strong ties to New Orleans, the vibrant city she called home for the past 3 years. A community builder at heart, you can find her teaching outdoor yoga classes, starting book groups, or breaking bread with friends.